We are excited and proud to announce that Maine Outdoor Properties is a Member of Maine Outdoor Brands, an member-led organization focused on helping drive Maine's outdoor recreation economy. Please take a moment to visit their website and read all about their goals & mission. Don't forget to take a look at the member list to see who's involved, and the events page for more info about what's coming next. Here's a little bit about the company. *Please note that the text below are the words & exclusive property of Maine Outdoor Brands.

"The Great State of Maine. 35,000 square miles of pristine coastline, rugged mountains and unspoiled wilderness in between. Often described as a four-season haven for outdoor adventurers of all abilities, it’s no wonder why dozens of outdoor brands have opted to call Maine home. But while Maine’s reputation for Yankee ingenuity and stubborn practicality serve start-up brands well, attaining scale in a global market can be a significant challenge. Like climbing Katahdin in the middle of winter, there’s no easy path to the top. And so, in that spirit, we created Maine Outdoor Brands.

For many of us in Maine, it’s hard to distinguish whether our passion drives our professional pursuits, or those pursuits propel our passion. That’s important. Because as the oldest state in the country attempting to attract a younger workforce, Maine’s outdoors can be a powerful lure. Millennials in particular value quality of life over congested cities, and Maine outdoor product companies are uniquely able to blur the line between work and play. In an informal survey, MOB members report the average age of their employees to be 35—a full ten years younger than the statewide average, and a clear signal that our industry is leading Maine in the right direction.

MOB is also committed to working with individuals and organizations from the public and private sectors in helping to drive Maine’s $8.2B outdoor recreation economy, and in the process, creating a brighter economic future for our state."

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